Fresno Ideaworks


Fresno Ideaworks has many classes on technical skills, but what truly sets this workshop apart is the collaboration of knowledge within our community of makers. The diversity of knowledge at Fresno Ideaworks is extensive.
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pouring molten metal


Once you have a plan and the skills required, use our tools and equipment to bring your idea to reality. We are continually adding equipment and tools to expand what can be created here. Become a Maker!
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Makers love sharing their projects. Whether sharing with newbies at the shop, during ArtHop, or attending one of our local Maker Faires, your projects could inspire someone to get off the couch and MAKE!
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Who belongs here?

Dreamers, Tinkerers, Visionaries

children watching a 3D printer

If you have ever wondered "What if?", how to fix something, how to make it better, have an original idea, or have skills you want to share - you belong at Fresno Ideaworks. Escape the commercial brainwashing that insists that we must BUY more, bigger, better! Come make it, fix it, improve it, or invent it right here in Fresno.

What We Do

We provide the knowledge and tools to help you achieve your dreams with:

  • Project collaboration
  • Specialty tools and equipment
  • Innovative atmosphere
  • Current technology
  • Prototype analysis

Maker of the Month

Ebony, the shop dog

Ebony's main project at the shop is to "make" everyone feel welcome. She does a great job whether you walk into the shop, or are just passing by. She is always there with a tail wag (although hoping for a belly rub in return). Ebony first came on a Woodshop Sunday with her person, Matt, and has been here for most all the Sundays since. She assists in cleaning up sawdust by rolling around in it. At home her passions are chasing squirrels and eating food. Thanks for your help Ebony!